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NorthBridge® Bermudagrass is readily available throughout the southern United States, wherever bermudagrasses typically can thrive. When purchasing NorthBridge Bermudagrass you have multiple options. If you’re working with a landscape professional, they should know where to get genuine NorthBridge. If you’re planning to re-sod your home on your own, we have two options down below in which you can find genuine NorthBridge Bermudagrass. Option 1, you can order online via where you will find instant pricing and availability to your address. Option 2, we can help you find farms and distributors which are licensed to grow NorthBridge, or you can fill out our online quote forms which we will pass to the farms. 

Three Ways to Purchase NorthBridge


Order Sod Online at Sod Solutions

Northbridge Licensed Producer

Find a Licensed Producer of NorthBridge


Get a Professional Quote (Jobs over 5,000 sqft)

Find a Farm Near You Growing NorthBridge Bermudagrass

  • Poinsett Turfgrass Company
    Harrisburg, AR
  • A-G Sod Farms, Inc. Fresno/Selma/Wasco
    Selma, CA
  • A-G Sod Farms, Inc. Riverside/Nuevo/Moreno Valley
    Riverside, CA
  • Star Farms Corp.-Sebring
    Belle Glade, FL
  • Precision Farms, LLC
    Buford, GA
  • Sodmasters GA dba Bradbury Farms
    Montrose, GA
  • Superior Turf, Inc.
    Ashburn, GA
  • Grassmasters Sod Farm
    Patoka, IN
  • Quantico Creek Sod Farms
    Salisbury, MD
  • Greenfield Turf
    Gordonville, MO
  • Helt's Turf Farms L.L.C.
    Pleasant Hill, MO
  • Carolina Green Corp.
    Indian Trail, NC
  • Carolina Turf Farms
    Raeford, NC
  • Turf Mountain Sod, Inc.
    Hendersonville, NC
  • Neuse River Turf Farm
    Arapahoe, NC
  • Chapman Sod, LLC dba Inman Sod
    Inman, SC
  • Green Acres Turf Farm
    Furman, SC
  • Tri-Turf Sod Farms, Inc.
    Paris, TN
  • Winstead Turf Farms, Inc.
    Arlington, TN
  • Billy Mayfield Farms
    Bay City, TX
  • Loyd Brigance Grass Sales, Inc.
    Greenville, TX
  • Lubbock Turf Company
    Lubbock, TX
  • North Texas Turf
    Honey Grove, TX
  • Red Bed Turfgrass Farm
    Melissa, TX
  • Weston Aycock Grass
    Honey Grove, TX
  • Easton Sod Farms, Inc.-Bixby/Tulsa
    Bixby, OK
  • Riverview Sod Ranch
    Leonard, OK
  • Meadowspring Turf Farm, LLC
    Charles City, VA
  • Woodward Turf Farms, Inc.
    Remington, VA

Find an International Farm

  • Paradello - Vivai Societa Agricola
    Brescia, Italy


  • Pasto Santa Cruz
    Vallecillo, Mexico
    52 (81) 22615176


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