NorthBridge - The Greener Grass

NorthBridge® Bermudagrass is a product of the renowned Oklahoma State University Turfgrass Breeding Program. Selected for its exceptional cold tolerance among other standout traits, NorthBridge is often described as a more versatile and tougher version of the old standard Tifway 419. NorthBridge has a denser canopy, better winter color retention, better cold tolerance and better wear tolerance. It has made its mark in research testing along with real-world applications, where it often performs under a national spotlight, being used in high-profile stadiums and golf courses around the country and throughout the world.


NorthBridge Bermudagrass in particular performs well on golf course tee boxes, roughs and fairways. NorthBridge’s early spring green-up means less time without “green” on a course and gives a better option should the superintendent decide not to overseed the course with winter rye. Ball roll is very important in other sports like baseball, softball and soccer. That is why NorthBridge is used on fields and in stadiums across the country. For a residential lawn or commercial landscape, the key sought-after traits include a fine appearance, rapid recovery rate and an ability to stand up to traffic from sports, kids and pets. NorthBridge also provides a pleasurable surface to live on. NorthBridge is one of the more drought tolerant turfgrasses that doesn’t need as much water as other varieties. This allows for managers or homeowners to save money in the process of maintaining a beautiful landscape.


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