The Greener Grass

Why Choose NorthBridge®

NorthBridge® Bermudagrass is the water-saving solution for home lawns. Developed to be a drought and cold fighter, NorthBridge offers water savings over other grasses while recovering much faster from damage. NorthBridge thrives during the hot days of summer and holds off dormancy longer than other bermudagrass varieties. Plus its fine-textured appearance makes a splash in any neighborhood. NorthBridge - The Greener Grass
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Drought Tough
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Disease Resistant
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Cold Tolerant
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Rapid Recovery
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For Homeowners

For Professionals

“The biggest reason I continue using NorthBridge with all the other options that are out there is our track history. I mean you know we’ve had extreme success here with NorthBridge with the dormant traffic and the cold tolerance and everything that we get out of it. There’s really no reason to change until something can prove that it can beat it.”

Travis Hogan - Head Groundskeeper -  Arrowhead Stadium & Kansas City Chiefs

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